learning about learning … with social media


In order to get some critical thinking into my work I try to keep connected with some of the research groups involved in digital education. I occasionally read some of the journals both open and paywall (as we have an excellent library in the building).  I also follow a number of educators on twitter.

What I am doing is finding resources to support and guide my own development as an educator, without actually being in a formalized environment. This blog and my twitter presence are part of a journaling that experience, and sharing some of the resources I come across.

On twitter, one of the moments I find really helpful is when these educators interact with each other, sharing resources, ideas or challenges.  In particular I listen to the dialogue around the Edinburgh University MSc (#mscel). I studied there a number of years ago so feel a connection to the place, the conversation is in English which is my first language so I more easily understand what I am following, and the topics discussed connect with my work. The active dialogue puts these resources in some kind of dynamic context.

@suchprettyeyes recently shared her MSc dissertation [and I have lost the link!]. I am just reading it – for me it is directly useful to my own development as it is an inquiry in how social media is used in continuing professional development. This pleasant surprise here is having a resource to support the process of my own development.

When I get more into it I shall post more on what it means to me.

but for now thank  @suchprettyeyes for sharing.