Plotting: McIDAS V and AVHRR


Get the data

I have two ways to get AVHRR data (that I use). For archive I use NOAA CLASS archive and order the FRAC 1 km data. CLASS has Metop and NOAA AVHRR imagery. FRAC = Full resolution area coverage. Within CLASS you can search for a geographical area and a specific range of time.

In house we have access to an ADDE server with the FRAC data and Lat/Long navigation for the last 5 days – which is a very nice thing to have.

I have not been able to plot the EUMETCast delivered data directly. It is in channel EPS-10.

The class data is in the NOAA AVHRR level 1.5 format. To make this available to McIDAS-V you will need to set up a local ADDE server.  Tools -> manage ADDE datasets ->  Local Data tab. Set the format to NOAA AVHRR Level 1.5.

Plot the data

For RGB images I use the formula -> create 3 colour image (auto scale)  with  1.6 micron on red, 0.8 micron on green and 0.6 micron in blue. (This is the natural colour RGB recommendation) ice clouds show up in cyan.  The example below is from 2014-07- 09 0930Z (Metop-A).

Europe example - 2014-07-09 0930Z

For single channel IR I use this colour table. (import the xml from the colour table screen) with a range of 190 K to 330 K.


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