Trainign ?or?and? Education

I was recently in a meeting that was discussing approaches to training and education in meteorology. At one point we were discussing the difference between training and education. We settled on training as begin something to do with continuing professional development (CPD) and education as initial broader training that probably takes place in university. It was a brief moment in the process that helped us clarify what we wanted to focus on (CPD). These may or may not be separate categories – it was a useful distinction for that piece of work.

It struck me later than one of the key differences in my field between the two contexts is the set of contracting relationships that exist. Within the university setting there are fees, lectures, exams and certificates which form the basis of contracts between student – teacher – university. Sometimes there may also be a sponsor supporting the student to participate  in the course, and maybe a home institute that nominated the student. There is a corresponding set of relationships for a student attending a professional development course, who may also be sponsored by another body. The web of relationships is similar but the nature of relationship may be different.  A university certificate / degree has a particular value that differs from a non certified certificate from a training provider. The training provider may have an agenda such as the use of their data.

Many of the questions I ask myself about learning and teaching are usually about the process of student enlightenment, a friend recently pointed out the changing nature of educational research to be include  more about the nature of the political landscape and contracting as it does affect the nature of education and educational effectiveness.