do we educate reflective practitioners?

One of the themes colleagues involved in educating forecasters and I often talk about is reflective practice. There is very little written down that I can find about what makes for an expert forecaster, and how to help beginner and expert forecasters learn. But we reckon that critical reflection is a key part of what expert forecasters do.

Much of the time the weather benign, it doesn’t have much of an impact – a little light rain and I might get wet. Occasionally the weather has a huge impact I may end up without power, or getting into danger. And that is when the forecaster makes the difference, good warnings really do save lives.

So weather forecasters quite clearly need to know about the weather, but what else determines what makes them effective in giving good warnings?

Is reflective learning and practice part of that?

[This post started out as a statement – and I assumed that the answer was yes of course forecasters need to be reflective practitioners – but why do I think that and what does it really look like?]


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