Good Education

I was reading an article on  Good education the lecture frames education as a public rather than solely private good, and argues that we talk about learning (an individuated idea) too much the whole lecture is stimulating to read but what stuck me about my current work was this section:

A second tendency that has contributed to the marginalisation of questions about good
education can be found in calls for turning education into an evidence-based
profession based on research knowledge about ‘what works.’ Again, I do think that
to a certain extent it can be useful to examine the effectiveness of particular
educational practices and procedures, as long as one bears in mind that in the social
domain there are at most probabilistic relationships between actions and consequences
and never deterministic relationships between causes and effects

This resonates with my experiences, but challenges me to think about what to I do to do good as an educator in the meteorological world.

I am just staring to look at the ‘what works’ research in the field of meteorological education. There is a some published work out there.

but what does Good meteorological education mean? …

GOODEDUCATION–WHATITISANDWHYWENEEDITInauguralLectureProfGertBiesta.pdf (application/pdf Object).


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