Some resources on facilitation

I was recently asked for a list of facilitation related books that might be useful for a trainer.  Below are some resources. My caveat is that I learned more from reflection on expe4rince of working in groups and facilitating than reading.

Facilitation pocketbook – a small handbook with good tips and ideas.

Online resource on facilitation:

Participatory workshops, Written for social development practitioners (so no power point) but applicable in the world of meteorological training. It is 21 lists of 21 ways to increase involvement in workshops. (by Robert Chambers)

Participatory decision making – this is a guide for facilitators working in group discussion and decision making

Visual meetings – how to work with flip chart and paper to increase participation

Flawless consulting – this is more about business consulting, it thinks a lot about the relationships between client and consultant (trainer) and who is responsible for what. Helpful for people in training management roles

Handbook of action research (and learning) – action research covers a whole field of learning from experiences. by doing

Online resources on action research – a good list is available from

On becoming a person story of a psychotherapist who decides to work in a more person centered manner, an interesting reflection of how clients (students) and helpers (trainers) can relate for good change.

Do add to this list if you would like!


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